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19 January 1963
За годы, прошедшие от момента создания этого дневника, его цели и задачи довольно существенно изменились. По заявкам общественности он перестал быть двуязычным, в нем появилось гораздо больше политики, чем планировалось изначально, и стало гораздо меньше медитативного чтения.

Тем не менее, английское bio сохраняем.

By trade I am an information systems architect, I've being doing databases for my whole professional life. And besides work there are tons of other things which I love to do. I just love life in general, I guess. There are so many books to read, so many people to meet, so many things to learn, so many places to visit, so many movies to watch ... I just hate to waste time on sleep!

There are so may things I am doing, but even more to which I refer as 'I will do it in my next life'... Unfortunately, the next life is not going to happen, so I will have to figure out, how to manage :-) Oh, and I also love to smile:-)))

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