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Обзор недели 22 августв

Вся неделя у меня была по сути дела одним большим событием - приезжала Аннушка с детьми. С Кирой я виделась живьем в первый раз :)

My girls went back home today. We spent a wonderful five days together, going to places, doing things together, and talking non-stop. After they left, Ifelt that I either became too old or out of practice because I felt tired of all these non-stop activities.

Speaking about activities, we went to the Botanic Garden on Tuesday.

The signs say: Welcome back! We missed you!

These are tomatoes!!!

Then, we went to Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Park on Wednesday.

On Thursday, we went for a prairie walk in the forest preserve and the woodland on Friday.

Sandhill cranes

We had my mom over twice, and on Friday afternoon, Igor came and met his niece for the first time. On Saturday, we went to the farmers market and then had coffee and croissants with my mom at the train station.

A balloon artist at the market

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