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Quick Updates About Everything

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A quick update about everything. Biking injuries: everything still hurts, but I took off most of the bandaids, and make sure the wounds stay dry. I didn't notice one cut super-close to the right eye yesterday and didn't treat it. Today, it looks very impressive… The shoulder hurts. Boris says that I broke a bone there, but I am sure it's not. Time will heal :)

On Friday, I had contractors putting new laminate on my stairs. Before that, I had to remove the railing on the upper part of the stairs, which took longer than I planned. And then I had to put them back, which takes even longer! And then I realized that I need to drill four new holes in the steps :), and I decided to postpone till tomorrow.

After that, I started to hang back on the walls all the pictures I took down for construction duration. And I accidentally changed places of two pictures, which proved to be fatal - one of them was too heavy for the hook I hang it on. It fell down, and a glass broke. First I was very resentful, but then I realized I could just hand this picture without any frame :) Which I did.

Then I went down to the basement to prepare the guest rooms. Nobody stayed there for at least nine months, so they turned to be almost unhabitual. I started to clean them, but more has to be done tomorrow.

I am leaving out of scope a couple of minor disasters :)

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