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Сегодня - Dining Out For Life!

Вообще говоря, событие по всей стране, но я рекламирую чикагское. Хочу сказать, что в списке ниже полно мест в абсолютно разумной ценовой категории (я сама буду в последнем в списке, но не без удовольствия отмечаю, что абсолютно все заведения, в которых Влад когда-либо работал, в списке есть :)). Ниже копирую из полученной рассылки.

Dining Out For Life Chicago - Tomorrow Night!


Hettie, whether you're dining out or supporting as an advocate or raffle ticket purchaser, join us!

Dining Out For Life Chicago supports lifesaving care for thousands of Chicagoans through the mission of TPAN. Join us tomorrow at one of these outstanding eateries and cocktail spots in Chicago! Find locations and dining timesHERE.

No matter where you are tomorrow, you can also purchase a chance to WIN a luxury hotel stay, Orbitz travel, or dinner in Chicago for just $5! Get your Dining Out For Life Chicago RAFFLE tickets at tpan.com/dining!

Eat. Drink. Give. Dining Out For Life Chicago
Dining Out For Life Chicago 2019 - Restaurants and Locations

Thank you for supporting the mission of TPAN. With your help, we are changing lives impacted by HIV and health disparities in Chicago!

Andrew Miller

Events Manager (and Dining Out For Life Chicago Ambassador!)

Andrew Miller, TPAN Events Manager

P.S.: Here's another way you can help! Add our Dining Out For Life Chicago frame to your Facebook profile photo today! Be part of our mission on your social media - on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we're #DOFLchicago and #diningoutforlife!

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