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И менее веселое про наши дела - холод и бездомные

У меня, честно говоря, голова была полностью занята этими мыслями (это кроме работы и релиза). потому что что происходит при такой температуре воздуха, я в курсе.

Про то, что две смерти были накануне, я уже знала. Сегодня пришли еще два сюжета из The Night Ministry. Мне не вставить сюда видео с медийных сайтов, так что даю ссылки. Для тех, кто знает, как это для меня важно - прочитайте и посмотрите, пожалуйста.

Я пыталась вырезать кусочки, но в конце-концов просто решила скопировать сюда большую часть сегодняшней рассылки - смотрите ниже и кликайте.

The Night Ministry: Housing, Health Care, Human Connection
The services The Night Ministry has been providing during Chicago's extreme weather period, work that your support makes possible, have been highlighted in several media stories over the last few days. Here are just a few.

The Chicago Sun-Times rode along with The Night Ministry's Street Medicine Team as it made well-being checks and delivered winter gear to clients experiencing homelessness across the city. You can read the story here.

Photo by Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times.
WGN-TV News caught up with Street Medicine this past weekend as the frigid temperatures descended upon the city. You can watch the report here.
The Night Ministry's President & CEO, Paul W. Hamann, spoke to Newsweek about the conditions faced by Chicago's homeless population during the extreme weather.

WBBM Newsradio joined the Street Medicine Team as it visited clients along Lower Wacker Drive.
Meanwhile, The Night Ministry's five Youth Housing Programs have been providing safe and warm shelter during these cold days. The Crib, our emergency shelter for young adults which normally operates on an overnight schedule, has been open 24 hours since Monday evening and will continue to provide services until Friday morning.

Thank you for all that you do to support our mission and make our services and resources available to our fellow Chicagoans experiencing homelessness or poverty.

For the most-up-to date information about our services like the Health Outreach Bus during the extreme weather, visit our Facebook page.

И вот тут еще.
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