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Письмо из отдела кадров

All -
As our team grows, one of our goals is to continue to build an inclusive and diverse organization in which everyone feels valued, respected, and supported in their role. On that note, we are happy to support one of our colleagues, Kyle Sandhage, who has asked to share a personal message with everyone:

Hey, everyone!

I am sending this email to tell you about something that is quite personal, but also very important to me,
and ultimately willresult in some changes here at work. I am non-binary transgender. You will start to
notice some changes in my appearance and possibly how I use my voice as I undergo a more public transition.

Going forward I ask that you use gender neutral pronouns (they/them) when referring to me or about me.
I know this will take a little time to get used to, and I do expect that people will make mistakes from time to time
-- I won’t be offended!

Some of you might not understand what non-binary transgender means; I would be happy to answer your
questions directly or refer you to information that I have found particularly useful regarding the topic.
To start, here are a couple that I think cover the basics well:
Article: What does it mean to identify as nonbinary?

Non-Binary Gender Identities Fact Sheet

Thank you for understanding and being supportive.


K. S.

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