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Pride Parade глазами Игоря

У меня в этом году не получилось, а у Игоря получилось. И, как водится, у него получилось не "стописят", а 600+ фоточек. Я сначала категорически отказывалась смотреть альбом, пока Игорь не сократит его на половину, но вот уже неделя прошла, а альбом почти в том же положении.

Поэтому я все же даю на него ссылку (для фанатов Игоря, кого количество не смущает), а отдельные фотки показывать не буду. Хотя есть там и совершенно пронзительные. А вот что хочу сюда перепостить, так это аннотацию к альбому.

Album description
Back in 2011, my siblings and I (and some of my brother's friends and my sister's now-husband) marched in the pride parade wearing "Marching for Those Who Can't" T-shirts my sister commissioned - a small way to protest and bring attention to Russian federal government's crackdown on pride parades. I don't really have that many occasions to bust out that T-shirt. This time around, I decided to wear it, and bring a Russian flag with me, as my own little symbolic statement that not all Russians are homophobes, and to show solidarity with those who would support pride parades back in the Motherland. I did get occasional questions about it, when one guy in particular giving me a side-eye after I explained what the flag was - but once I explained the context, he was okay with it.

As I approached the parade route, I heard someone saying something over the bullhorn, and I thought it was the anti-gay protesters that usually hang around somewhere near the route. But as I got close enough to make out individual words, I realized that, no, those were Communists (revcom.us/, to be more specific) urging passers-by to join the revolution. Seriously.

Other than that... I was surprised to see former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, who is running for mayor, march in it. I was less surprised to see former Governor Pat Quinn passing out petitions to impose term limits on Chicago mayors. And, overall, it seems like there were more bi pride and trans pride flags in the parade than ever before. And there were more black people in general, both among the marchers and in the audience, which is nice, given some, shall we say, racial tensions involving black people coming to Lakeview in general and Boystown specifically.

Смотреть 600 фоточек вот тут.
А я там обязательно буду в следующем году.
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