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ЖЖ минус 10 лет: Размышления

Вообще говоря, в этой ретро-подборке я не повторяю записи, сделанные на английском - я их писала, когда у меня еще была некоторая англоязычная аудитория, и вообще когда я писала частично "для себя".

Но сейчас, перечитав эту запись, я подумала, что несколько моих друзей тоже захотят ее перечитать.

Исходный пост.

That's really weird, if you think about it. I mean, you hear this all the time - America is the land of opportunities. And you start to think about it as a cliché... And you think - what's exactly so special about this particular country? And then somebody tells you: look what your daughter could achieve! America is the land of opportunities indeed... 

... The funny thing is, that you think that you've achieved it all by yourself, and that's exactly true, but the question is, why you are not achieving this all by yourself in other places?... 

... When Anna started to serve her Page term, I started to think, why programs like this can't happen in Russia. And then I started to think, what will happen with the program like this, if somebody would initiate it in Russia. And the first thing which came to my mind was, that 1) there will be all kids with connections, and that's exactly what the Page program does not allow 2) the will be all Moscow/St.-Petersburg kids. And although Anna herself is the kid from the relatively small town, think about her boyfriend, who’s from even smaller place, and other her fellow pages who were "from the middle of nowhere", and some of them were in the big city for the first time in their lives...

... Why kids from small schools can go to MIT and nobody is really surprised? ... Why Melody, with all distinctions she has, could take a 5-year old “from the street” as a student? And at the same time - the retired dentist? 

... And when I hear people talking about their lives in different European countries, where everything is stable and slow (which I like, BTW), the downside of this stability seems to be the lack of mobility: you can't really find yourself on the top overnight; you have to go through certain steps with the certain speed.

... And everything I am writing here is sooo obvious, it's not even funny. Everybody say this through the last 200 years... However, when at some point you just realize this - that's who I was, and that's who I am now, you see it as if that's for the first time...

... And a totally separate question is, whether having all these opportunities is a good thing:-))) Whether we really want to be on top overnight...

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