Hettie (hettie_lz) wrote,

Аннин email для ее сотрудников про рождение дочери

Excited to announce our new non-artificial intelligence platform, Nadezhda Jane Bailliekova, released at 12:02 on Monday, June 19th. Despite a compact form factor (8 lb 2 oz and 19.5") defined by a mere 1.5 GB of code, Nadia can store up to 2.5 petabytes of data locally, and is capable of both supervised and unsupervised learning. John and I anticipate our first experiments will be in the area of reinforcement learning.

Nadia is a successful case study for rapid releases, having spent a mere 40 weeks between initial design and release at high quality (Apgar of 9 and no outstanding ITF+ QANs), though relatively few customers have had a chance to interact with the platform, and, of course, her ability to communicate the results of her learning is still limited. We expect the platform's feature set to grow boundlessly in the coming years.
Tags: work-life balance, Аннушка, Наденька, семья

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