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Для помощников Секретного Санты

Happy New Year to all of our AMAZING SECRET SANTA SUPPORTERS – As we turn our calendars to 2017, we also turn the page on another successful year for Secret Santa. Next week when schools return, we will reach out to each school to make sure all finished up smoothly. I wanted to take a minute to share my thanks and to send out the annual tax forms.

First, THANK YOU. I know how precious all of our resources are. From child sponsorship to general donations, from monetary support to personal donation of time, you have all been so generous. Your support helped us bring a touch of the holiday season to almost 2,000 children directly and, trust me, countless others. From the teachers and school staff to the parents, your support of these children has such a positive impact. Thank you. The inspiring and fun stories are countless. From the groups that had present collecting and wrapping parties to the organizational efforts at our home, I have heard how much fun people have had participating. On delivery day, the magic continued:
· From the wonder and awe, to the pure joy and in several cases genuine tears in the children’s eyes.
· From the countless hugs our Santas got to smiles and laughs our elves provided with songs and cheers.
· From the flying paper and screams of joy to the teacher’s joking about never getting class back under control the rest of the day.
· From the child that had 3-4 presents on their desk but the first thing they opened was a coat and he just sat there and hugged it, ignoring his other presents to the child that carefully checked the presents and found one labeled for her mom and was crying as she packed all of her presents up, unopened, so she could open that at home on Christmas day.

All of this was because of your support, so from myself, the extended Secret Santa team, almost 2,000 children, and countless others… THANK YOU. I hope you all had many magical moments yourself this holiday season and I wish I could bottle up the joy you have given and return it tenfold. We hope to have your support again next year as we enter our 23rd season.

For those looking ahead:
· For our year-long shoppers, keep an eye out for those winter clearance sales as you can scoop up so great clearance deals on hats/gloves and even sometimes winter PJs, sweat shirts, and coats. Key sizes are 8-10, 10-12, 14-16. We can store stuff if needed.
· For calendars:
o Communications should begin the first week of October, feel free to reach out if you don’t hear anything (santasuhaul@gmail.com)
o Team Organizational efforts are tentatively Wed – Fri Dec 13th – 15th (this was a huge success this year so we will do it again)
o Santa’s Organizational efforts are tentatively Fri Dec 15th and Sat Dec 16th (delivery tentatively Dec 18th)

Всем спасибо!!!

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