Hettie (hettie_lz) wrote,

Что сказала Аннушка

Это я не про накануне выборов, а про сегодня - я знаю, что многим моим друзьям это важно. Поэтому копирую ее текст из инстаграм под картинкой с игрушечным динозавром.

This little dinosaur has been dealing with a lot of feelings over the last day and a half.

I feel heartbreak, visceral fear, anger, and betrayal. This is personal. I gave myself over entirely to reacting yesterday, and woke today determined to work even harder, particularly on behalf of those most vulnerable to the vagaries of a Trump Presidency.

There are many mountains left to climb and this is a sobering reminder that, despite our love for that King quote about the moral arc of the universe, progress is not inevitable and we have to fight and claw our way towards it with unremitting intensity and focus, no matter how distant the summit appears.

Solidarity and love to all of you.

I am with her :)
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