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Чикагская объява

Это исключительно для тех, кто в теме, и кто меня спрашивал, как попасть на экскурсию. Так вот, впервые в жизни для этого не надо ехать в Рэвенсвуд, а можно выйти в обеденный перерыв на  Daley Plaza - там еще и заодно в это время будет Food Truck Fest!

The Night Ministry's Health Outreach Bus is coming out during the day to Daley Plaza onJuly 6th from 11am-3pm! Come take a tour and learn about our mission.
July 6th: Health Outreach Bus in the Loop!
In honor of our 40th anniversary, we're bringing our Health Outreach Bus to the Loop! The Night Ministry will be at Daley Plaza on Wednesday, July 6th from 11am-3pm. As an added bonus, Chicago Food Truck Fest is taking place at the same time. Please stop by the Bus to learn about our mission!
Daley Plaza July 6th
Come downtown and visit The Night Ministry staff at Daley Plaza, which is located at 50 W. Washington Ave.
Bring your colleagues, family and friends! All are welcome to...

  • Take a tour of the Health Outreach Bus

  • Meet with direct service staff

  • Learn about our programs

  • Get information about volunteering with The Night Ministry

Meet us at the Bus anytime between 11am-3pm on Wednesday, July 6th.
What's a Health Outreach Bus?
The Night Ministry's custom-designed 38-foot Health Outreach Bus goes out at night to diverse neighborhoods of Chicago. On the Bus, we serve homeless, poor, and medically vulnerable Chicagoans to address their most immediate needs for survival, including medical care, HIV testing, food, and hygiene supplies.
Many have called The Night Ministry's Health Outreach Bus "a mobile care package for those most in need."
There is no charge for tours of the Health Outreach Bus. But please consider making a donation to support The Night Ministry's mission to provide housing, health care, and human connection to Chicagoans experiencing homelessness and poverty.
Make a gift online or you can text NIGHT to 243725 to give on your smart phone.
The Night Ministry
4711 N Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640
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