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Опять во что-то встреваю...

Сегодня пришла почта из OMD - не возьму ли я еще одного студента, который в первом семестре не учился, а сейчас вернулся, и был в прошлом году, но его прежний ментор сейчас не в программе... и товарищ интересуется информационными технологиями... Я прочитала био и поняла, что мой материал :)

Brief biography: I am currently in pursuit of my Associates in AS for Computer Information Systems. I tend to play video games professionally in my free time. I also watch anime, read comics... long story short, I am a huge geek. When people ask me, "Who is someone that motivates you?" The FIRST person that comes to mind is Tony Stark (Iron Man). Not for the drinking part but for the whole aspect of technology and what he does with it, plus he brims confidence where ever he goes so it only makes it more admirable. I am always open-minded and dedicated to learning new things. ESPECIALLY if it involves technology.

Hobbies and interests: Gaming; Coding; Geeky Things

Desired role of coach: Teacher

Specific challenge(s) a coach may be able to help with: Understanding the full difference between IT, CS, and CIS, also helping to point me in the direction needed to find an answer to a problem. (I don't want them to give me the answer, but point in the right direction to look). Also to help with little tech projects that I plan to be finishing up and working on.

Statement of coaching goals: I feel that a coach is someone who not only has knowledge about your field, but has the wisdom to share it well. A coach is also someone who can help you with projects or goals and can stand to learn a few things from you as well. I would hope to mostly gain connections and job leads to great paying careers that would be willing to match my love for coding and technology and I would like my coach to be able to tell me about the hardships and trials needed to reach those goals.
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