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Про благоустройство нашего заповедника

Я уже несколько недель собиралась рассказать про обсуждения благоустройства Deer Grove, потому что мне нравится тут все - и идеи, и форма обсуждения. Но разные другие дела оказались в приоритете, и сейчас я уже чувствую, что так и не соберусь перевести с чувством- с толком. Очень-очень прошу прощения у не-спикающих, но я все же решила, что пусть хотя бы те, кто может по-английски разобраться, увидели бы.

Quentin Road - What is Important to You?

The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways has hit the reset button for the Quentin Road project and is now entering the initial “Scoping” phase of a two year study and design process.

In this initial phase, the Department seeks to understand the needs and preferences of all stakeholders, and how commuters, people, property, the forest preserve, vegetation, and animals may be impacted by the rebuild under different design alternatives.

Your input into the process is crucial and the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways needs your help framing their work. You can submit your written comments and statements

  • at the first public meeting:

    • Date: December 9, 2015 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm

    • Location: Holiday Inn Express; 1550 E Dundee Road, Palatine; or

  • until December 23, 2015 via email to Quentin.Road@cookcountyil.gov

You may also be able to submit oral comments at the meeting, but to be safe we encourage written comments. When commenting at the meeting or by email, we hope you will consider making the following points.

Improve the safety for residents and visitors of the forest preserve

  • Provide areas that remove left-turning vehicles from the flow of traffic (such as a middle lane)

  • Provide for safe passage for bicycles and pedestrians between Deer Grove West and East

  • Improve line-of-sight at entrances to neighborhoods, the forest preserve, and Camp Reinberg

  • Design a road that does not encourage speeding

  • Focus on the flow of traffic, rather than adding more lanes

  • Improve the timing of the lights at both Dundee and Lake Cook Roads

Connect neighborhoods with a multi-use path along the entire east side

  • Build a path that runs from Lake Cook Road to Dundee Road

  • Connect the path to the bike trail systems to the north and south

  • Connect the path to the forest preserve trail system

  • Enable kids to walk/bike to school safely

  • Enable commuters to walk/bike to the train in Palatine or to businesses north of Lake Cook Rd.

Minimize impact on residents and the forest preserve

  • Maintain the rural quality of this section of Quentin Road

  • Stay within the existing right-of-way and avoid loss of forest preserve and residential properties

  • Keep dirty road runoff water from wetlands, Salt Creek, and out of residents' wells

  • Allow animals a safe way to cross from side to side and minimize accidents with vehicles

  • Assure safe access for residents and visitors of the forest preserve during construction

Build Quentin Right still believes that the best way to accomplish these goals is to build a road with two travel lanes, a middle/turning lane, and a separate multi-use path. We hope you will urge the Department of Transportation and Highways to pursue this option.  Thanks for your support!
​The Deer Grove Stewards, on behalf of Build Quentin Right​
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