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Чикагское регулирование "зон" около клиник

Обратите внимание, что в клиниках за пределами городской черты этого вовсе нет...


Bubble zone enacted in 2009 for Chicago Area Clinics.

Amended disorderly conduct ordinance, rule Ordinance 8-4-010

Full Ordinance: http://chicagocode.org/8-4-010/

Either: (1) knowingly approaches another person within eight feet of such person, unless such other person consents, for the purpose of passing a leaflet or handbill to,
displaying a sign to, or engaging in oral protest, education, or counseling with such other person in the public way within a radius of 50 feet from any entrance door to a hospital, medical clinic or healthcare facility, or (2) by force or threat of force or by physical obstruction, intentionally injures, intimidates or interferes with or attempts to injure, intimidate or interfere with any person entering or leaving any hospital, medical clinic or healthcare facility.

What this means for us?

Sometimes the police will enforce it, however, it is confusing and is often subjectively interpreted by Anti-choice protesters and police.

This means while we do our best to keep the bubble zone enforced, we have to pick our battles wisely. Please do not get discouraged if you see the bubble zone being violated and the police are not called. Team leaders and clinic staff use discretion when calling the police.

Clear violations of the bubble zone are:

@Washington anti-choice protesters cannot get within 8 feet of door entrance or approach cars within the 50 foot buffer zone radius. The police told Christian Liberty Academy that they can extend their arm to offer information, gift bags while standing near the fire hydrant, (which is 8 feet from the door). They cannot follow patients or approach cars in the zone. This applies to all protesters. They cannot go into the paid lot across the street. Even though it is past the buffer zone, there is a strictly enforced no trespassing ordinance that is set by the private parking lot management company ABM

@American Women’s Chicago Anti-Choice Protesters cannot block the driveway or approach cars on Western. They will try, however, they cannot and should not block traffic. They also cannot go into the private parking lot, something they used to do before we started escorting.

@American Women’s Des Plaines – Although the bubble zone does not apply at this clinic, it is still illegal for anti-choice protesters to trespass on clinic private property in their parking lot nor can they block traffic entering the parking lot.

@Advantage Health Care in Wood Dale – same as above.

In all cases your team leader and/or clinic staff will use discretion on whether or not police should be called.
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