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Двухдневная готовность...

Вот вы заметили, граждане, что меня сегодня вообще в эфире не было? Я-то все думала, что же я такое просмотрела, и не учла, что у меня получается, что столько дополнительного успевается в эти выходные? А вот и ни фига, ничего не успевается!

... главное событие этих выходных - это чикагский марафон, и именно по этому поводу у меня гости.

Город весь прихорашивается к событию.

Но... вы догадываетесь, какие были очереди в O'Hare "на вход"? Вот то-то и оно! А догадываетесь, сколько народу пыталось билет на L купить?! Вооот!

Это фото из Трибуны, а я свидетельствую, что именно так все и было!

[Статья из Трибуны]Before some Chicago Marathon runners reach the starting line, they have to navigate the lines at the CTA station at O'Hare International Airport.

Travelers at O'Hare taking the "L" into town had to wait in long lines for fare cards Friday as the CTA continues its transition to Ventra, its new fare payment system. Two days before the Chicago Marathon, which attracted 45,000 runners and an estimated 1.7 million spectators last year, is typically one of the busiest days of the year at the O'Hare Blue Line station.

At one point Friday morning, more than 100 people stood in line to use one of seven fare card machines at the station. There was a separate table if riders wanted unlimited passes and had cash.

"We have extra staff out there today and through Sunday," CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said. "We're handling everybody as quickly as possible."

The CTA anticipated a busy day, Chase said. The O'Hare station saw 10,557 riders on an average weekday in July, the latest data available. Two days before last year's marathon, 16,175 riders used the station, the most in 12 years, according to CTA data posted in the city data portal.

But this year, the CTA has made changes to its fare card system and fares from O'Hare, potentially leading to confusion.

On Monday, the CTA eliminated the ability for Chicago Card riders to add money to their cards and rail stations to sell disposable cards, a popular fare medium for tourists. On Wednesday, the CTA brought these options back amid backlash about poor customer service in its transition to Ventra.

In January the CTA upped the charge to $5 from $2.25 for riders with disposable cards who didn't have an unlimited pass. In July, this charge was expanded to Chicago Card users. O'Hare was the only station to see an increased charge.

Ambyr Hinton, a four-time marathoner from Pittsburgh, said it was her first time in Chicago. She said she didn't mind her wait of more than 15 minutes to get a fare card.

"With 45,000 runners, you're going to wait in line for a lot of stuff," said Hinton, 31.

Chase said the CTA is also selling one- and three-day unlimited passes at the marathon expo at McCormick Place.
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