Hettie (hettie_lz) wrote,

Привет от Аннушки :)

First of all: thanks again for supporting me. Y’all are awesome. I was one of 350 people to take the plunge this past Sunday; we raised about $55,000 for Special Olympics Illinois at the Galesburg event alone. More importantly, Knox outraised Monmouth College, our rivals. (Go Prairie Fire) 
Beautiful balmy Galesburg has had about a foot of snow over the last week, and when I arrived at Lake Storey, folks were in the water in wet suits with ice picks, breaking out hole in the ice so we would have somewhere to plunge. Air temperatures hovered around 30 degrees, which was exciting because I don’t even like to get into the shower if it’s not warm enough.
Attached is a photo of me Baywatch-ing it out of the lake post plunge. If you're wondering, it feels like a million tiny knives stabbing you all over. All in all, though, you know, bracing, and not as bad as you might think.
Thanks again!

Tags: knox, Аннушка, благотворительность

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